Our Team

Our dedicated team plays an integral part in the success of our patients at Lake Park of Madison Nursing and Rehabilitation. The members of our skilled and diverse therapy team have decades of combined experience with specialties in orthopedics, spinal treatment, neurological treatment, wounds, geriatrics, wheelchair positioning, restraint reduction, swallowing, cognitive staging and urinary incontinence. Our staff is compassionate and understanding to our patients' needs and foster a warm and positive atmosphere while utilizing their years of experience and skill to provide treatment.

Karen Soehner
Executive Director

Karen is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator in both Florida and Georgia. She has been described as one part Leader, one part Regulatory Expert, two parts Staff Retention Enthusiast and six parts Nerd. She has 31 years of experience in long-term care as a Business Office Manager, an Administrator, and as a Compliance Officer. Karen has drafted legislation, and lobbied and testified before Senate and House committees and Agencies on a State and National level. She has addressed a wide range of people, organizations, and businesses as a speaker and instructor to long-term care facilities, conventions, the community, radio, and television audiences, and even the White House.
Since 1995, staff recruitment and retention has also been one of her major areas of focus. Through her experiences and the experiences of others, she has compiled a cluster of creative and results-driven strategies that will engage and commit staff to long term care facilities. Karen was featured in 2002 as a health leader in Health Leaders Magazine for her continuing efforts to resolve Florida’s critical nursing staff crisis. From 2003 until 2010 she was a member of the United States Department of Labor’s Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship, appointed by Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao. Karen participated by invitation in the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration’s Health Care Industry Workforce Development Forum. In pursuit of solving the staffing crisis, she took part by invitation of the Department of Labor and the United States Department of Health and Human Services in the symposium “Pathway to the Future: How Workforce Development and Quality Jobs Can Promote Quality Care.” She was invited as a panelist by the U.S. Department of Labor Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives to participate in "Unlocking the Doors: Creating Opportunities for Every Worker held in Miami, Florida". Karen was instrumental in the development of the Nursing Home LPN Supervision Rule in Florida, and was a co-author of the LPN Supervision Training Manual developed by the Florida Health Care Association.
She has demonstrated regulatory expertise working with numerous government committees and professional associations to assist in the passage of legislation to benefit the frail, elderly, and disabled populations in nursing homes and has been the recipient of numerous awards for her commitment in service to this profession. Her ultimate goal for all her patients is the highest quality customer service and care!

Candice Webb
Director of Admissions

Candice began her health career as a Radiology Technician and found her way to long-term care. She has been an integral part of our family, with 11 years of providing sensitivity and kindness to all. Her unusual ability to communicate and her sparkling personality will move mountains in her efforts to attain the unattainable for your admission. She uses her hospital contacts to understand each patient’s needs, communicating that information to our nursing and rehabilitation staff to make sure we are prepared to receive you with all your vital information. Candice looks forward to helping you move quickly to achieve your rehabilitation goals.

Ronda Gardner
Director of Nursing

Ronda is a Registered Nurse with 27 years of experience, 11 of them in our Center. Ronda worked her way through the ranks and is now experiencing the joy of breaking through the tape at the finish line as she has made her way to the ultimate leadership role of our nursing department. She is a Certified Director of Nursing Services and has recently been certified as an Infection Preventionist. Germs beware!
Ronda is a life-long resident of Madison County, so she focuses on putting her passions and skills to work by continuously improving the quality of care and quality of life for our patients in this Center.

Ashley Sevor
Director of Social Service

Ashley has a degree in Sociology with Human Services from Valdosta State University . She has served the patients in Lake Park of Madison for 17 years. Ashley is the ultimate patient advocate. She refuses to give up on any challenging task and constantly thinks out-of-the-box to assist our patients. Ashley is dedicated to providing quality service and maintaining the dignity and respect of those we serve. She knows that a nursing home admission can come as a result of recent trauma or life stressors, both which can make you feel as if your life has unraveled. Her passion is bringing healing so that you can feel peaceful, complete, whole and secure.

Deena Hames
Business Office Manager

Deena is a 31-year veteran in healthcare, previously holding such esteemed titles as Administrator and CFO of our local hospital. Eleven years ago she transitioned to long-term care to lead our business division. Deena oversees the day-to-day business functions of our organization such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Client Billing, as well as coordinating Human Resource activities. She is an innovative and driven accounting professional and will roll up her sleeves to get the job done for you as you navigate the maze of government payment systems for your sub-acute and long-term care stay.
When Deena is not working in the Center she is working for the community as a 10-year Kiwanis member. When she finally takes a break, you can catch her participating in a number of surrounding area fishing tournaments!

Winnie the Pooch
Internal Community Liaison

Winnie, our geriatric and ballet enthusiast, aka Queen Winnie, hitchhikes throughout the center from Rollator to Wheelchair doing amazing work entertaining the masses with her love and light. Winnie rocks it with a pop of color most days, accessorizing with her many designer hair bows. She gives sloppy kisses, will occasionally bark to keep everyone in line, and expects treats as well as extensive attention even if it means sleeping in the middle of your desk. She really does no wrong, but is prone to brief naps if she stops rolling even for a minute. She is always down for a long talk and naturally happy. High Paw Five!